For the first time, I saw a french poodle in the street today and I was like, “Wow, an authentic french poodle from France!” (Yeah, ’cause I got excited about silly things like that lol). I have seen many white poodles before, but this one caught my attention because it was black and that, for me, was a rare sight.

Unlike the French poodles you see in America, which are perfectly coiffed, this one had messy hair (I mean, fur) but it was kinda cool because it was more of a modern look, and the pooch carried it well, what with its neon green hair band, frizzy hair and all.

What I found out though, is that actually, what we call “French poodles” are not even French to begin with. In reality, poodles came originally from Germany.

Not only that, but in France, they are called Caniches, not “French Poodles.” Go figure.

coiffed- hairstyled
caniche- dog breed that we refer to as “French poodle” in America