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Small tables with used clothes, wooden toys, old tools and children’s books were set up right outside my building this morning. Vendors invited passers-by to check out their merchandise while bargain-shoppers searched through piles of clothes and boxes of random things. It was a small marché brocante, the Parisian version of a garage sale.

At some point, it started raining but that didn’t alarm anybody. Vendors were prepared and immediately covered their merchandise with plastic. Shoppers took umbrellas and rain jackets out of nowhere. Seems like everyone here knows that it can rain at any time.

I didn’t buy anything but it was interesting to see some of the items that people were selling and how even people with fur coats and Louis Vuitton bags shopped as if they were at a department store…

Parisian women shopping at the marché brocante

A cute find among the piles of clothes that were on sale

Shopping under the rain.

This I had never seen before-- people undressing in the middle of the street! lol