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Last night was the 10th edition of Nuit Blanche, or “White Night” in Paris and of course, I couldn’t miss it!

Nuit Blanche is a cultural event organized by the city that involves art exhibitions around Paris. It’s a lot of fun because it is a sort of nocturnal artistic adventure that not only allows visitors to encounter great displays of contemporary and interactive art, but also, it allows them to discover the Paris’ streets underneath the moonlight.

The expression nuit blanche is very suiting because it refers to the expression “all-nighter” and you indeed stay up all night–the event takes place from about 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.! We actually only stayed up until 3 a.m. and had the chance to see the best art installations. Below, some of the pictures from the night:

Accueil Nuit Blanche Paris 2011

I got this neon light thingie for free.

This interactive installation allowed participants to become part of a video game! It was so much fun!

At the "Purple Rain" installation, you would enter a purple space with an umbrella that you were given at the entrance. Inside, there was indeed, "purple rain" created by hoses and purple light. In the background, Prince's song played while you walked under the rain.

It was great to see such a contemporary piece against such a beautiful building in the background.